We design the human part of innovation.

We don't have solutions,
we create them.

As Service Designers we help our customers develop new perspectives by boosting innovations. Many existing systems in this rapidly changing world no longer work, but there are opportunities. Today’s issues require creative people, cooperation and participation with the end-users.

Moving forward, that is what is important to us and to realize these significant improvements, we use YouLab. YouLab is a service-oriented approach that allows people to work together from a meaningful society. Moreover, YouLab makes you see, act and think differently. Creating meaningful value and focusing on what binds us instead of what divides us; that is what it is all about.

For whom


Innovation of services together with the employees and the end-users.


Transforming of public space and own organisation.


Lifelong learning programmes and practical research.

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Our newest cases


Re-inventing tomorrow

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Hengelo's DNA

A quest to find the identity of the city

succesful project

Energie Actieplan

Van beleidsstukken naar een verhaal


Our culture

TriMotion is a melting pot of creative and innovative people who inspire each other. The power of innovation and the freedom of thought and doing business encourages us to develop unique concepts.

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